Cognitive, Stress & Fitness Tracker

2 minutes on your phone 


Quickly ascertain your stress, cognitive and fitness levels with a 2 minute daily test on your phone, with no additional devices needed. Our AI will then provide tailored advice to achieving and monitoring your health/life goals based on your individual history and crowd wisdom.

Vita uses:

  • Phone Camera to measure your resting/active pulse, and your body's reaction to stimulation 
  • From the Pulse, we ascertain various other metrics including HRV to estimate your stress
  • Accelerometer and links with other apps track your movement and physical activity
  • Scientifically validated cognitive tests measure your alertness and cognitive function
  • Set goal and compare achievements among your peer group
  • See your fitness progress metric improve over days, not months, as you exercise


I'm like Beyoncé

This app is fun! You shake the phone and then measure your pulse using the phone camera to find out how strong you are!


Surprisingly Awesome!

So simple yet so deep! Loved the concept and the fitness info! Wish the shake time was shorter, but otherwise great app!

Babar Ahmed


So cool to have a camera get my pulse & oxygen level without any add on!

— Brain Devil




VITA is evolving.

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